Some of the projects made in conjunction with Flat Black Films. 1999-present.

Akbank Commercials: Spring/Summer of 2010 and Spring 2011. Akbank is a bank in Turkey. As clients they have tended to lean towards simpler/more cartoony types of designs. We have made 6 commercials for them so far. The images here are stills that I have made when designing the preliminary characters. A few of these characters have made it to the final commercials. Here is a link to some of the commercials: I was the primary animator for the woman in this commercial:

Schwab Commercials: From 2005-2009 we had Schwab as a primary client. I animated and designed 6 of the final commercials we made for them during this period of time. Some of these designs made it as commercials and some weren't picked. A link to the commercials I made is here.
In early 2008 I was the project manager for a series of commercials we animated for the television show "Dirt" on F/X. I was the animator for all of the Courtney Cox parts in the commercial. Here's a clip.
When we took a bit of a sabbatical I started making my own short. I have been lucky to have it screened at a few great animation festivals, such as the Ottawa Animation Festival and Animafest Zagreb. Here are a few stills of it. Watch it on Vimeo here.
Even More Fun Trip 2006: This is a short that Bob Sabiston, creator of the animation we use, and founder of Flat Black Films made. I was one of the animators happy to work on it. It takes place during a trip to Six Flags with Bob's friend Ryan. To view clips click here.
Scanner Darkly: 2004. As one of the original lead animators on this film I helped assess, hire and train 30 animators to work on it as well as design the look that would be continued on without us. We were about 4 months into production (8 or so months into the job) when creative differences between the flat black animation team and the producers became too large to continue. I still have animation in the final movie and here are a couple of examples of that. This is a teaser trailer we were responsible for before we left the project.

The Five Obstructions: 2003. Many years ago Jorgan Leth, a very well known Danish filmmaker made a movie called "The Perfect Human". His protege, Lars Von Trier, wanted him to recreate that movie with different rules. And so this movie, directed by Lars Von Trier, is about this mans process of recreating his seminal film. One of the obstructions was to make it a cartoon. So Jorgan contacted Flat Black. Here are a few images of parts that I animated from the cartoon section of the movie. Here the full animation

Waking Life: 2001. This was the second project I worked with Flat Black and arguably the most fun. It was pre worries about many many things and really an innocent time. I exclusively animated (except for the hair in one scene (Rahab) and a tiny cooler that floats by at the end (my sister Caroline) the Julie Delpy/Ethan Hawke Before Sunrise sequel part and the Guy Forsythe Ukelele section. I worked on 7 minutes + of the movie in the end but the rest besides those scenes were bg parts or other smaller aspects. Watch a couple of clips here and here.